You are using an experimental product suite on the Songbird Canary Network. Please be aware of the inherent risks involved.

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Golden Neckless

The Golden Necklace

The first drop from the golden collection

Welcome to the second Clover Protocol Event on the Songbird Network.

Mint Unrevealed NFT Cards with CAND to receive a collectible Golden Necklace NFT, one of which will be redeemable for an FLR Finance 18 Karat Gold Necklace through the Ermis Protocol.

CAND collected will be used to repay debt on FLR Loans.

The Clover Protocol

The Clover Protocol ensures the fair distribution of the Phygital Golden Necklace NFT which is redeemable for one of five 5.82 gram, 18 Karat Gold necklaces from FLR Finance.

To participate, you need to mint or buy an Unrevealed NFT Card.

After the first Cards are purchased, the countdown will begin. At the end of the countdown, Card rarity will be drawn

You need to use a web3 wallet in order to participate

Unrevealed Card

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